Outdoor Garden Trends 2024

There are many elements of gardening, garden design and outdoor planning which remain constant, steeped in tradition and much-loved mainstays of gardening - glorious floral displays, quiet spaces for contemplation and the joy of home grown produce. 

But every year there are themes which emerge, and new approaches embraced which set the scene for the kind of gardens we see in magazines, at shows and ultimately at home. 

As we step in to 2024, we explore a few of the exciting gardening trends that look set to feature this year.

Open Air Space & Sitting Rooms

Bring your personalised style and comfort of home outdoors. A living room is the heart of any home, so why not incorporate your comfortable atmosphere into nature? Perfect for al fresco dining, entertaining or find a tranquil space to unwind - create a sitting room that offers fresh air, naturals perspective - surrounded by the beauty of nature & environmental goodness. 

Opt between our Metal Gazebos or Elegance Arches to create an impressive centrepiece to entertain and relax in.


A trend already sweeping the US, with the hottest weathers on record; chose drough resistant plants such as Sedums, Anthemis & Santolina. Give your garden the potential to withstand changing climates, droughts & explore cultivating new plant species. Create stunning displays that will broaden any gardener’s aesthetic and remain low maintenance all year round.

Some examples of resistant plants include:

Lomandra: Lomandra 'White Sands' is the first variegated Lomandra. An easy and fast-growing plant that requires little maintenance, both heat and drought resistant. White Sands grows through the middle and has elegantly overhanging, narrow leaves.

Yucca: The Yucca is an Evergreen shrub that belongs to the Asparagus family. With a majestic structure, this plant fits perfectly in a stylish room, a low maintenance indoor & outdoor plant.

Sempervivums: A great no fuss plants for the outdoors. Planted in groups, different cultivars create a mosaic of patterns, colours, and textures. 

Lavender: Evergreen, lavender looks good year-round providing winter interest in the landscape.The tall, purple flower known for its wonderful fragrance requires little maintenance.

Good Living Gardens

With new resolutions, traditions, and goals – living simple and sustainability seems to be at the forefront of most people’s minds. We’re all finding satisfaction in growing our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs; with greenhouses, polytunnels, sheds & herb gardens. Allowing us to be more self-reliant, productive and enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors, in nature and trending the gardens. Your outdoor space is a place of reward & live in.

Colours & Textures

There’s been a step away over recent years from the ubiquitous ‘racing green’ plant supports and glossy black structures - contemporary gardens are now typified by using warm and muted shades in their Structures and materials giving a heritage feel. By incorporating pre aged rustic finishes, or including a subtle colour on ObelisksArches and even Fruit Cages you can immediately raise the style stakes in your garden without detracting from the planting. Where a more traditional or formal look is called for Agriframes Traditional Matt Black Textured finish on a structure or Screen is the perfect combination of drama and style.

Meadows & Eco Lawns

For those that love the look of a green lawn but are looking for less maintenance in the form of reduced mowing or fertilizer needs, clover lawns are the perfect option. Simply scatter your lawn with clover seeds.

Growing a clover lawn is as easy as growing regular grass seed while retaining minimal upkeep & are dedication to eco-friendly landscaping.

Nurturing Biodiversity with Wildlife-friendly Gardens

Gardeners are increasingly recognising the importance of supporting local wildlife. Planting pollinator-friendly flowers, setting up bird feeders, and incorporating features like ponds or insect hotels are becoming common practices. The aim is to create gardens that are not only beautiful but also serve as havens for diverse wildlife, contributing to the conservation of native species.