Obelisks & Plant Supports

Obelisks & Plant Supports

Handcrafted in our own workshops, our metal obelisks and plant supports are ideal for supporting a variety of tall, climbing plants. Mix and match sizes to create contrast with varying heights and shapes, offering practical support with no assembly required.


There is no easier way to create height and visual interest to your garden than with a garden obelisk. Ideal for supporting all climbing plants or as an ornament in its own right. Style in pairs to create a sense of movement along a pathway or use to frame an entrance or doorway. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to suit all settings.

Made from high quality galvanised steel, finished with a polymer coating for a durable finish, and backed by our 10 Year Guarantee.


Give your plants a helping hand to flourish with our range of garden plant supports. A practical way to protect plants and aid growth, plant supports have the added benefit of providing architectural interest to the garden. From attractive lattice wirework to unique ball-top detailing, our metal plant supports are available in a variety of shapes and styles to beautifully enhance your scheme.

Customers Reviews


Easy to order and came very quickly
This is the third arch we’ve bought - looks even better once climbing plants are established.

Emma Barber

This Monet Arch is fantastic. Very well constructed and simple to install. We expect this arch to give many years of sturdy service. We are so pleased with this purchase. Just goes to show, “buy right, buy once”.

John Kramers

We found it straightforward to construct thanks to the clever design and helpful instructions.
It looks really stylish and ideal for growing our sweet peas.

Mary Hambleton

Super high quality wall pergola creating a lovely arch you can walk through against my brick wall - looks amazing! This Wall arch turned a boring walk into a feature wall.

Laura McCracken

This is the 2nd arch we’ve bought from Agriframes. We’ve had the first one for about 4 years, and just got another (not to replace it, but as well as). They’re good quality and easy to assemble

Peter Gray

Service was quick. I ordered during the 20% discount period and it arrived the following day. It arrived in two very flat packages. The end product is really solid and looks good in the garden.

Sally Sullivan


For all lovers of roses, you can train a few stems along the side of your obelisk using climbing wires, soft ties, or some jute twine to keep them upright. Simply tie-in as they grow to shape them around your obelisk. Once the stems have grown enough, you can cut off the wires or twine as your rose is established. 

Installation depths vary but typically, we recommend 8 to 11in into the ground for maximum strength. Please refer to the instructions provided with your obelisk for specific details.

The height of our obelisks range from 6ft to 9ft – ideal to support most climbing plants. However, depending on the garden obelisk design, the size and build will vary slightly. Please refer to the product description.

Obelisks are a staple of the cottage garden, and a stylish metal garden obelisk is useful either as a permanent feature with established planting such as a rose or a way to vary your display each year by placing it in a different position and growing annual climbers such as sweet peas – but more vigorous climbers could hide the structure you’re trying to display.

Depending on the type of plants you are growing, you will need to select the best shape and size support for the job. Based on the shape of our metal support and how your plant will bloom, you can easily match them to provide the right support. For example, to support your peonies choose a fluted metal support, or to contain sedum choose our elegance round plant support.

As tall perennial plants grow, they often need supports to stop the weight of the stems from leaning over and breaking. We recommend you use tower tall plant supports or plant stakes to prevent them from drooping.

Simply add your plant support at any stage of your plant growth by inserting our metallic supports 11in deep in the ground.

Stick your plant support about 2 to 3 inches away from the plant's stem into the ground – to avoid damaging the roots. Remember to plant your support at an angle to offer additional support to the plant against any strong winds.