Product Information

 Traditional Range 

The Traditional Collection

Agriframes Protective Coating 

  • Our traditional garden structures feature tough tubular steel, galvanised both inside and out for ultimate strength and rust prevention.
  • The UV stabilised polymer-coating with a matt black textured finish is both stylish and high quality, allowing us to confidently offer an impressive 10 year guarantee.
  • Our recently developed ‘Forged’ style of frames with slimline, welded joints, offer a neat design and simple installation.
    protective coating

JointsFrames Sizes

  • Our Traditional Range is available in a selection of tube diameters designed to offer the optimum stability.
  • Product dimensions can be found in the description of the corresponding product page.
  • Product legs are designed to be inserted either 30cm (Clasic Range) or 38cm (Classic Extra & Landscape Ranges) into the ground.
  • Heights indicated are above ground heights after installation to the recommended depths.


Structure Style Upright Tube ⌀ Horizontal Tube ⌀ Install Depth
Traditional - C (Classic) 19mm 16mm 30cm
Traditional - CX (Classic Extra) 25mm 22mm 38cm
Traditional - L (Landscape) 25mm 25mm 38cm
Wirework 20cm