Metal Plant Supports

Metal Plant Supports

Our exquisite metal plant supports collection is crafted to provide the strength your plants need to thrive. Explore our range, featuring garden obelisks, steel vegetable frames, drainpipe covers, and elegant plant stands – the perfect companions for your flourishing green haven.

Garden Obelisks: Reach for the Sky in Style

Make a statement in your garden with our elegant Garden Obelisks. These towering structures not only serve as stunning focal points but also provide sturdy support for climbing plants. Crafted from durable metal, our obelisks effortlessly combine strength and sophistication, adding vertical interest to your garden with a touch of timeless elegance.

Steel Vegetable Frames: A Framework for Abundance

Support your vegetable garden with our robust Steel Vegetable Frames. Designed to withstand the demands of a thriving vegetable patch, these frames offer reliable support for plants such as tomatoes, peas, and beans. Elevate your harvest and ensure your garden is both productive and visually appealing with these durable and practical supports.

Drainpipe Covers: Functional Beauty

Turn a utilitarian necessity into a stylish garden accent with our Drainpipe Covers. These covers not only conceal unsightly drainpipes but also add a decorative element to your outdoor space. Crafted from high-quality metal, they offer a seamless blend of form and function, transforming an often-overlooked feature into an elegant detail in your garden.

Elegant Plant Stands: Showcase Your Greenery

Put your plants in the spotlight with our Elegant Plant Stands. Designed with a keen eye for detail, these stands elevate your potted beauties, turning them into exquisite displays. Whether indoors or outdoors, our plant stands are a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality, allowing you to showcase your greenery with pride.

Customers Reviews


Easy to order and came very quickly
This is the third arch we’ve bought - looks even better once climbing plants are established.

Emma Barber

This Monet Arch is fantastic. Very well constructed and simple to install. We expect this arch to give many years of sturdy service. We are so pleased with this purchase. Just goes to show, “buy right, buy once”.

John Kramers

We found it straightforward to construct thanks to the clever design and helpful instructions.
It looks really stylish and ideal for growing our sweet peas.

Mary Hambleton

Super high quality wall pergola creating a lovely arch you can walk through against my brick wall - looks amazing! This Wall arch turned a boring walk into a feature wall.

Laura McCracken

This is the 2nd arch we’ve bought from Agriframes. We’ve had the first one for about 4 years, and just got another (not to replace it, but as well as). They’re good quality and easy to assemble

Peter Gray

Service was quick. I ordered during the 20% discount period and it arrived the following day. It arrived in two very flat packages. The end product is really solid and looks good in the garden.

Sally Sullivan