Maximize Your Outdoor Space | Beautiful Garden Structure Ideas

Have you spent the winter dreaming of a stunning outdoor haven for you and your loved ones to relish on blissful summer days, but you’re unsure of how to make it all fit within your outdoor space? 

The secret might just be creative use of garden structures. While this might surprise those of you with more compact gardens, structures are ideal for almost any outdoor space, blending into their environment, heightening their qualities and maximizing garden space in ways you might not realize. The right structure can help a garden fulfill its natural potential, bringing poise, elegance and growing versatility through a stunning centerpiece. 

To help you get your garden ready for peak season, we’ve put together a list of inspirational ways structures can maximize garden space and inspire creative outdoor arrangements. 

Make an entrance 

The grandeur of a garden arch might seem better suited to a traditional English lawn leading into a manor estate  than your humble backyard. But the right arch can take a garden of any size to new heights, transforming your delicately cultivated pride and joy into an unforgettable experience from the moment your guests arrive. 

Garden arches provide a striking entrance to your outdoor space. Either left bare as an architectural feature or swathed in climbers for a softer look with dazzling colors and blossoming life all year round. It’s the adaptability of arches that help them thrive in even the most limited of outdoor spaces. 

Whether it’s the timeless design of our Monet Arch or the modern adaptability of a Wall Arch, the right garden structure can provide an enveloping entrance to give your garden a magical quality. 

Garden Arches

Divide your garden into zones

Zoning is a common trick used to divide spaces within a garden into distinct areas with unique purposes, styles and aesthetics, such as a rose wall or vegetable garden. You should look to break up your garden with textured, colorful structures that help establish garden diversity and a memorable journey through your outdoor space. 

Garden screens make a difference in even the most confined of spaces. They’re a fantastic way to disguise unsightly views and keep your garden private. The right garden screen gives your backyard a multi-dimensional quality, adding vertical interest which can be built upon with climbing plants. 

Agriframe Products

Making the best use of walls and fences within your garden space to grow flowers and plants is the ideal way to achieve garden optimisation while also sprinkling in flourishes of your personality and style. A green wall can be a fascinating feature wall that changes with the seasons, bearing fruit or blooming eye-catching flowers. 

To achieve that classic English cottage feel, we recommend the Georgian Window Trellis, while an Elegance Round Trellis would give your garden a more rustic quality and achieve a balance between functional and breathtaking. A delicate clematis or annual such as sweet peas would work beautifully on a sunny fence or wall – you could even try Borlotti Beans for an ornamental and tasty display! 

Agriframe Screens

Make the most of color

Colorful accents often get lost in a large garden, overshadowed by statement arrangement and the vastness of a lawn. 

When you’re working with a more minimal space color is one of your most powerful tools, be it natural through striking, dramatic planting forms or manmade through the use of colorful structures to support your grow projects. 

In more confined gardens with confined spaces created by awkward walls, shaded areas and greenhouses, structures offer the opportunity to make color a 360 degree experience, maximizing the presence of diverse, powerful color bursts. 

The soft color palette of the Obelisk and Plant Support ranges are a brilliant way to add layers of support to your borders without dominating your planting, giving life from the ground level amongst the soil and seed to above head height.  

Plant Supports

Define your lawn 

The best way to maximize a smaller lawn or paved area is with consistent mowing or sweeping. 

A well-kept lawn is one that exceeds its size, utilizing its space to conjure the impression of a vast play area or the perfect summer evening al fresco space. With precision and care, compact lawns can expose the potential of a garden previously thought too small for flower beds, entertaining spaces or even a kitchen garden. 

Define the edges of your planted borders or paths with Border Edging for a crisp finish. If you prefer a softer look, Border Hoops help keep plants such as Lavender or Alchemilla Mollis in check, whilst still promoting the glorious froth of color and a unique design flare with our gothic and round designs.

Lawn Bordering

Gardens are flexible by nature, wholly unique spaces that (with a little bit of help) can grow far beyond their size limitations and exceed our wildest expectations. They reflect our particulars and commitment, no matter how vast or compact. Investing in the right structure might feel like a quick way to waste garden space, but, as we’ve seen, they can be a source of inspiration to maximize your space and a catalyst to look at your garden in an entirely different light.