English Garden Ideas: Cottage, Formal And Courtyard Garden Inspiration

Whimsical, romantic, refined, captivating - English garden designs are timeless. 

From formal country house estates to quaint riverside cottages, English gardens offer the perfect starting point when visualizing how to make the most of your backyard space. Crafting your own English garden can be a great way to bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor space and recapture old world charm. 

No matter the size of your backyard, these inspirational English garden concepts - courtyard, formal and cottage gardens - will inspire you to infuse your green space with tradition, charm and relaxation.

English Cottage Garden


The English cottage style garden is a charming style of garden design, reminiscent of the romantic and picturesque countryside of England.

Immediately recognisable by their informal, romantic style - abundant arrays of blooming flowers, shrubs and herbs. Cottage gardens feature asymmetrical, curved designs, with winding paths weaving through the garden. Traditional elements like rustic fences and stone walls add to the charm and character of the garden.

Well-designed English cottage gardens have a natural, relaxed feel. Aim for a garden full of color, with fragrant flowers and herbs. Vegetable patches give the garden a rustic sensibility, while the classic 'rose arch' completes a quintessentially romantic design.

Trellis or screens can help cover the walls and create a vertical garden of lush foliage. You will need to train a vigorous clematis or rambling rose up an old tree, or plant a pergola with a mix of climbing plants for an enchanting walkway. 

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Formal English Garden


formal garden layout

An English formal garden is a timeless classic popular since the 18th century, and still a highlight of any visit to a stately home or palace. 

Formal English gardens offer a structured look that is both beautiful and practical. With neat rows of shrubs and trees, carefully placed statuary and fountains, and a picturesque variety of delicately selected flowers and plants, these gardens bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to any outdoor space. 

Traditionally, these gardens feature geometric pathways, symmetrically placed trees and shrubs, and perfectly manicured lawns. The inspiration of classical architecture is felt throughout these gardens, with a focus on perfect balance, order and geometry. Hardscapes such as brick walls, fountains, statues and sculptures offer a juxtaposition to the natural sculptures, while elegant gazebos arches and even greenhouses offer striking centerpieces.

A combination of planting beds and borders help achieve a layered look, crucial to the decadence of a formal garden. Roses, lavender, tulips and hydrangeas remain popular choices to this day. When picking the right plant for your garden, it is important to consider the climate, soil type, and available sunlight. This will help ensure that your garden will look beautiful all year around.

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English Courtyard Garden

King Garden Obelisk

Discover the timeless allure of English courtyard gardens, where verdant beauty intertwines with the tradition, offering a source of endless inspiration for your gardening journey.

By adding just a few key elements such as hedges, shrubs, and topiary trees, you can recreate the formality and opulence of an English courtyard garden, while dividing off a personal piece of space amongst the foliage perfect for Summer nights. Solid materials like stone, brick, and wood can give your courtyard an earned history and classical English feel.

Seating is essential to any courtyard. Providing plenty of comfortable seating options doesn't just help your guests to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of your courtyard, it informs the story of your garden. Consider incorporating a fountain or water feature to add to the soothing atmosphere and make your courtyard a peaceful oasis.

For those evening get-togethers, don’t forget the lighting. String lights, lamps, or even candles can add a beautiful atmosphere to your courtyard at night.

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