Adding Structure To Your Backyard

agriframe outdoor structure

While we typically get inspired to enhance our backyards during the peak of summer, winter can be a fantastic time to bring those ideas to life. With the ground softening and plants going dormant, it becomes easier to work on the layout of your front yard or backyard, introducing structure and form to enjoy year-round.

Arches and Pergolas have become popular choices for adding a fresh dimension to your outdoor space and maximizing your growing area. A stunning rose-covered arch or wisteria walkway can be a wonderful addition when planned, positioned, and planted correctly.

agriframe outdoor structure

If you're considering adding some structure to your landscaping, here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

1. Determine Your Structure's Purpose

agriframe outdoor structure

When positioning an Arch or Pergola, it's crucial to have a clear purpose. Whether it's guiding you along a pathway, serving as a focal point, or framing an entryway, your structure should have a meaningful role in your frontyard or backyard.

2.Think About Size 

When placing an Archway over a path, ensure it's tall and wide enough. As a general guideline, aim for a size that allows two people to comfortably walk through side by side.

agriframe outdoor structure

3. Select Your Vine

Choosing the right vine is essential to match the scale of the structure. Additionally, keep in mind that most vines like wisteria and roses require pruning, so ensure you can manage and access them in the future.

4. Allocate Adequate Space

As the vines grow, your archway will occupy more space. Leave at least 50 cm on either side of the arch to accommodate plant growth.

agriframe outdoor structure

5. Avoid Overplanting 

Resist the temptation to overplant with vigorous vines. Consider planting several smaller varieties on one structure to provide interest throughout the year. An evergreen option like Trachelospermum Jasminoides will ensure year-round appeal. 

6. Incorporate Evergreens

Think about the landscaping at the base of your Pergola or archway Evergreen plants can maintain a neat appearance year-round, conceal bare stems of vines, and anchor the structure in the ground. Lavender or Sarcococca can add delightful fragrances as well.

agriframe outdoor structure

7. Choose a Design for All Seasons

Select a design that can serve as an architectural feature even during the winter or while your vines are maturing. A decorative finial or subtle color finish can elevate a simple structure, and the addition of lighting creates a magical effect at night.

8. Create a Focal Point

A Wall Pergola is perfect for shading a terrace, whether outside a door or as a focal point in another part of your front yard or backyard. Consider adding a seat and pots of shade-loving plants for added charm.

9. Explore Alternative Structures

If space or budget constraints prevent a larger structure, consider placing a pair of Obelisks on either side of a path to make a statement or use decorative edging to add formality to your lawn or Borders.

10. Invest in Longevity

Your chosen structure will be a prominent feature in your landscaping. Make an investment that you'll enjoy for many years to come. Our Traditional Collection structures come with a 10 Year Guarantee, providing you with complete peace of mind when making a purchase

agriframe outdoor structure